2016 F1 Customer Engines Must Be Same-Spec

The ramifications are huge.

Struggles continue for Red Bull to secure engines for it's flagship team as well as Scuderia Torro Rosso. Mercedes will not supply engines to them, and Ferrari is trying to sell them de-tuned power units, so that they would not be able to perform on the same level as the works team.

In regulations published by the FIA on Wednesday, any manufacturer that sells engines would be forbidden to sell lower-rated power units to other F1 teams. There are still some questions as to wether or not this includes previous year's engines, but either way the ramifications are huge.

There are three possible outcomes that I can see happening from this news. The first is that the manufacturers agree to supply on-par engines to other teams. This will make for some really exciting on-track battles next year, and in my opinion is good for everyone. Secondly, they could then just refuse to supply engines. This could mean the final nail in the coffin for at least 2 teams. This would be a serious blow to the sport. Lastly, as a wildcard, other independent engine manufacturers could pop up and start supplying engines (Cosworth is rumored). More engine suppliers would be hugely beneficial for the sport, and will foster better competition and innovation, as the bulk of the engines will no longer come from the top 2-3 teams.

Watch for updates here as they unfold.

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